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My sincere appreciation for the exceptional service your two technicians provided for our home. You came highly recommend by a local HVAC company and your service proved the recommendation.

We will be certain to recommend you to anybody that needs your elite service. Keep up the exceptional customer service and work performance.

Monica C.

Tigard OR



We recently had a flood where previously abated asbestos was affected and possibly displaced into our duct work and HVAC system. We essentially could not turn on our HVAC during cold weather until asbestos was abated and the duct system was cleaned. The guys from Power Vac were incredible. They came out within 1-2 days of the flooding event (last minute) and documented several concerns and safety issues that precluded the duct cleaning. The information was helpful in supporting our insurance claim with our less than enthusiastic insurer. The abatement companies we contacted agreed with Power Vac’s assessment and the abatement process took about 1.5 weeks due to scheduling issues with the abatement company. We were anxious to get back in our house when that work was complete. Power Vac was able to schedule their workers off business hours, on a Saturday, to get us back in the home as soon as possible. The technologist whom we had been working with since the initial assessment (Mark/Matt?) worked most of the day and did an incredible job cleaning up the duct work, which was full of dog hair and other debris from previous owners. No dust was displaced into the house during cleaning. My wife was exceedingly happy with the appearance of our air return registers. To top it off, the price was far below what I was expecting (I didn’t ask for a quote since it was an insurance issue and I wanted it done as soon as possible regardless of price – Power Vac knew this and were still incredibly reasonable for the amount of work they did). In the future we’ll have them repeat the work when necessary and will recommend their services. Couldn’t have done a better job.

- Brian W - Angie's List

We were getting a strange metallic smell in our home coming out of our ducts which had gradually increased over 3 months. We searched the internet, and called several HVAC companies. No one could tell us what was it's source. It was not a dead animal or mold smell. Next we hired Power Vac LLC to come clean our ducts as a way to eliminate that as possible problem. Matt from Power Vac arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule and within 2 minutes, he diagnosed the exact source of the smell. It was defective metal furnace filters. Out of 4 other companies I spoke to, no one could figure this out. Matt removed the filters, promptly cleaned the entire duct system, found and professionally applied a roof patch on a small water leak down our roof duct vent. He was very professional, fast, and knowledgeable. I am so pleased with this company due to their professional skill level and responsiveness. My house is fresh and clean again, and I have a lot less dust floating around. Thank you POWER VAC for restoring the livability and freshness in my home.

- Kim K. - Beaverton

Power Vac techs were efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. Considerate of our animals and cleaned up after the job.

- Richard R. - Yacolt

Very thorough, and the air in the house is so clean now. He worked hard to get the dryer vent completely clean. Good job!

- Carolyn E. - Gresham

Needed to find someone quick to clean ducts, replace filters and attaching ducts which were coming apart in the attic. My husband usually takes care of these technical things, but he was busy and so I had to takeover scheduling. I called Powervac after a recommendation from a friend and yelp reviews. Mary took my call. I explained her I am not sure what I need but am reading from script left by my husband and home inspector. She understood what I needed and gave me clear estimates. Was quick emailing them and corresponding about the time available and we booked the appointment over emails.

We had an afternoon appointment and got a call that morning informing they could come in sooner as they had an appointment cancelled. We were fine and got them in an hr early than planned. The techie was detailed and got the job done well and educated on the way to take care of filters and left saying we could wait for at least 5yrs before getting ducts cleaned again. Appreciate the quick and professional way things were dealt from start to end.

- Busy V. - Hillsboro - Yelp.com

Had them come out to clean vents that hadn't been touched for about five years. I will say that the guy that came out was very thorough in the process, showed me before and after pictures (with three dogs, the before pictures were just yuck), and pointed out to me that the previous person that cleaned them did not get to a hard to reach area. For a small bungalow with 7 registers and two returns, it took about three hours.

It was definitely a bit pricier than a couple of other companies I called, but I've come to learn that you pay for what you get, and I got VERY clean vents.

- Monica C. - Portland - Yelp.com

Matt was spectacular, he took such great care of my system. He had great information for me and even diagnosed a problem for me. He was thorough and very helpful.

- Ken A. - Portland

Matt did a very good job. He is a very nice guy.

- Tim W. - Portland

Your guys worked very hard. They were really great.

- Jackie V. - Portland

John was fabulous. He did a good job. He was respectful of our home and I am happy to have found you!

- Lori M. - NW Portland

Eric and his helper were very nice men. They were very mindful of my hardwood floors.

- Ralph R. - Damascus

Matt was very courteous. I just wanted you to know that you have a great employee. My dryer has never worked better.

- Greg N. - Lake Oswego

John did a very good job!

- Adam R. - Hillsboro

Matt did a great job!

- Tim K. - Clackamas - Yelp.com

Eric was a very, very nice gentleman.

- Barbara H. - North Plains

Matt was incredible. He worked so hard. I am overly impressed.

- Barbara N. - Portland

I would like to personally commend the excellent work done by one of your lead technicians, John Blake. I called Power Vac a few months ago because we were smelling an electrical smell coming from 2 of our furnace vents....and it was scary, like something was burning. Well, after having the furnace guy come out and even the Fire Department no one could figure it out. They all recommended the same thing: have your ducts cleaned.

When John arrived, I explained the situation and he went on a mission to try to determine where the electrical/burnt smell was coming from. After cleaning the ducts he could not find the cause. But he didn't stop there, like everyone else had done. Instead, he crawled under the house in the tiny crawl space, following the ducts to the point where the smell was coming from and found the problem....a booster fan with a burned out motor. He took care of it right away.

Thanks to his perseverance and professionalism, we were able to fix a problem that could have had a very different outcome, like a house fire. Thank you to John and crew. We will definitely use Power Vac again in the future, and I would highly recommend them.

- Kellie - Portland

John did an excellent job. I appreciate that he used shoe covers.

- Bob P. - Portland - Repeat Customer

Your guys were very professional. They explained everything, answered all of my questions and even let me follow them around. I am very happy with the job they did for me.

- M. Johnson - Portland

Thank you so much for the excellent work you did for us at St. John’s Wood Apts. As you found, it really needed to be done. I’ll gladly refer you to any if our other properties as the need arises. I appreciate that you came down on the price for us. I didn’t know so many of the vents would be plugged. The payment will be a little higher to show our appreciation. Thank You!

- Jennifer - St. John’s Woods Apts. - Portland

John and Jason were very professional and did a great job. I work in customer service and really appreciate their work

- M. Truax - ABC Heating Customer

Mary was very nice and patient on the phone. She spent a lot of time explaining what they do and how she made me feel less anxious and helped me to understand the importance of cleaning my air ducts. I knew nothing about this sort of thing and she took the time to educate me.

- Charlene S. - Vancouver

Your guy was very nice and courteous. I really liked him!

- Maxine B. - Portland

The tech was very professional and polite. He went above and beyond my expectations. I was very impressed.

- Mrs. B. Benâs - Lake Oswego

John B. was very professional, very nice, and did an outstanding job.

- Shelly E. - Portland

Your gentlemen did an excellent job. They were thorough with their clean-up, very professional and explained what they were doing well. I appreciate that they worked well with the other contractors, coordinating their work.

- Ron H. - Vancouver

I am impressed with the fine gentlemen you sent over to clean my air ducts. I was very pleased to see how they handled themselves in my home. They were so thorough and professional, they did an excellent job.

- Mr. Chaney

The two fellows you sent over did a First-Rate job cleaning the furnace and air ducts. They were: Friendly, Knowledgeable, Professional, Careful, Good Communicators, and Real Go-Getters. They seemed to really care about what they where doing. I am happy to recommend your company to anyone.

- Paul V. - Portland

I really appreciate the honesty, integrity, and good work . I have used you a number of times and you have saved us money!

- Rachel M. - Rental Property Management

Mary was very nice, very informative, and went into detail on how the duct cleaning is performed. I made several phone calls and Power Vac was the only one who would explain to me how the air duct cleaning is done, and that is why I chose them. They have excellent customer service and the guys did exactly what Mary said what they would do!

- Alejandra P. - Vancouver

They did a great job. There were no problems. They were clean and professional.

- Angie’s List Member

We recently had our air ducts cleaned by Power Vac. I was very surprised, because, usually when I’ve had people come to our home to do some sort of work, I’ve always had to clean up after them once they’ve left. However, when the Power Vac crew was here they didn’t leave one piece of garbage or debris behind them when they were done. They did a very thorough job. I’ve never had our air ducts cleaned before, but I noticed a considerable difference in the amount of air that came out of the vents after they cleaned them. One vent in particular had almost no air coming out of it before they came and now it works great! Thanks for a great job!

- Jennifer B.

I had been battling with pet urine odors in my air ducts for very long time. After one company told me they couldn’t do it, I called Power Vac and Matt came out and did such a wonderful job cleaning the system and he was able to get rid of the smell. I wish I had called sooner.

- Sally M. - Portland

John of Power Vac cleaned my furnace ducts and removed the oily soot and dust from them. He went above and beyond expectations in restoring my furnace system.

- Manuel S. - Portland

John was very courteous and a wonderful representative of your company. He certainly showed pride of a family owned business. He was very knowledgeable and I am truly grateful! Thank You!

- Maria G. - Beaverton

Thank you very much Mary. Mike came out today and cleaned the vents and the dryer vent. I just bought this house and have no idea if the dryer vent had ever been cleaned. I believe he did a great job and he told me that next time I get 10% off so that was good news! Thank you very much for the info about the return filters. I will install better filters. I wasn’t sure how those things worked or how important they were since air ducts don’t have filters in them at all. I really appreciate your quick response, getting someone out here so quickly (the next day!), informing me about filters, Matt on the phone telling me that a dirty dryer vent is a possible fire hazard, and the great job Mike did. It was a pleasure doing business with you from start to finish.

- Diana - Portland

Mike came out the day after I called the company and cleaned the vents. He not only cleaned inside the vents but also cleaned the vent covers. I did not know that furnace cleaning was included in their services so had already cleaned the furnace so Mike checked it to make sure everything was in order. I was able to use the Angie's List discount. Mike did a good job. I like the company; I was in communication with three employees and learned something about ducts from all of them. Mike was easy to work with.

- Angie’s List Member

I am so pleased, John and Brian were wonderful and really nice to work with. They couldn’t have been more honorable, nicer, professional or polite. I am a really happy camper right now!

- Aleta S. - Portland

Mat was fantastic. He did a very good job. I was very impressed with his thoroughness. He explained my heating system to me and having been in business of my own for a very long time, I really appreciated it.

- L. Launder

They arrived on time and did a thorough and professional job. He even replaced an old cardboard patch on one of the ducts with a metal one at no charge.

- Julie B.

Arrived on time. Lead technician was Mike and his assistant was Josh. I was happy with them and would hire again.

- Lynette P.

Arrived on time, Mike and his assistant, who were courteous and efficient. Were careful with equipment and removed shoes when in home as it was wet outside. Good explanation of process and answered questions. Job took just over 3 hours.

- Eileen K.

John B. did a great job of thoroughly cleaning all of the ducts & was very professional, considerate, & hardworking throughout the process while me, my 3 month old son, & pets were home. I would definitely recommend John and this company to anyone. Also, it was great that we were able to use a $50.00 discount coupon from Angie's List towards the total cost as well.

- Jason H.

Ken and his co worker did wonderful job cleaning my vents and kept the surrounding area where they worked clean. I was very happy with the work, and I would recommend Power Vac for air duct cleaning to my friends & family.

- Courtney A.

Air Washed 30 supply ducts, 4 furnaces, 3 returns and swept four chimney/fireplaces. Member Comments: Excellent.

- William B.

Power Vac cleaned all my air ducts. The furnace is new, so that did not need to be cleaned. The technicians were knowledgeable, efficient, extremely polite and professional. They also honored the $50 Angie's List coupon.

- Maura R.

Matt just finished cleaning our ducts. I wanted to thank you and him for the excellent work. Matt was very professional and explained everything thoroughly. I wish everyone at Power Vac a happy holiday.

- J. Priest

Called to have furnace/ducts cleaned in our 60-year old house. HVAC had been updated several times as part of remodels, but never cleaned. Had deferred this for 30+years, but now we also had a dead mouse aroma to fix. Have an electronic air cleaner for years due to asthma. It is great, but this service left things smelling fresher, less musty and the mouse perfume is gone. Furniture seems less dusty. Success! Member Comments: Phone call was taken promptly; work was scheduled ASAP. Rough cost was discussed. John arrived on time, was very conscientious. Explained options/costs before work started, then got to it. No sales pressure or ''up-selling'' at all. Once we agreed, I just called their office and worked out payment. John spent more than four hours using a truck-mounted vacuum in difficult nooks and crannies. Very careful of our home; everything left in great condition. Mice are hard to locate and remove, but their system must have done it. The aroma is gone and our system and house seem less dusty and musty. Would definitely call them back if we had a need. John was very professional, pleasant, and competent. Cost? You get what you pay for; it's hard, dirty work. We are very happy, indeed.

- Robert & Louise K.

We had a terrible smell. It ended up to be a dead raccoon. This guy came and was fabulous. He is worth his weight in gold. He just took care of all of it. He didn’t make a big deal. He was a real life saver. He explained how he cleaned the air duct.

- Angie's List Member

Matt really knows what he’s doing. He was nice, efficient, and left my house cleaner than when he started!

- N. McCusker

I found this company on Angie's List, with coupon, and contacted them via e-mail. Scheduled everything via e-mail. They showed up exactly on-time, performed the job in less time than thought and the bill was a lot less, coupon helped! The tech even showed me a part of my duct that needed to be fixed, and even showed me how! He was wonderful and I would recommend them again and again!

- A. Miller

It went very well. They did a super thorough job and really helped me understand my heating system. They were careful not to make a mess or create dust. I was surprised at the amount of dirt they got out of the ducts.

- B. Anderson

The job went very well. Brian did an excellent job. He was very thorough. I don’t usually call to give feedback, but I had to, I was very impressed.

- K. Sass - Vancouver

Your crew came on Saturday morning and did an excellent job. They were on time, friendly, clean and did a fine job in a timely manner. What more could a customer want. Please keep us in your data base as we will be needing your services next year. Thanks.

- Terri B. - Beaverton

Matt H. was great. He did a really good job. I am really happy & really pleased with the work.

- R. Vemer

I just wanted to say thank you and to compliment you on the job done at our home this past Saturday. We were impressed with the pleasant, efficient, and friendly fellows who cleaned out heating ducts that day, and appreciate those qualities. Thanks again.

- L. & T. Peters

I just wanted to let you know that your guys did such a great job. You even repaired a dryer vent for me so my dryer could work properly. I just wanted to let you know that I am recommending you to all of my friends!

- Lita - Rose

I just wanted to let you know that Matt H. is a great employee. He worked fast, he worked hard, and he still had time for my questions.

- Sharon G.

I was able to schedule this work within a few days of my calling Power Vac. I was given an estimate over the phone and since I wasn't sure about how many vents I had or how many ducts there were to clean it was a “plus/minus” estimate. The final cost was about $100 less than the phone estimate, which was great! The job was scheduled for 8:00 am. Brian called me at 7:50 to let me know that he was stuck in traffic on the freeway. He arrived shortly after 8:00 am. I especially appreciated this courtesy in calling me to let me know. Brian was very thorough and happy to answer any questions about the job, and gave me a few suggestions about why the second floor might be so cold. Brian was pleasant and professional and I felt like he knew what he was doing. I have no hesitancy in recommending this company and will definitely use them again.

- Karen L.

Brian was great to work with. He was hard working and very professional. He did an excellent job and I am very impressed. Thank you.

- Mary L. - Portland

John and Jason cleaned the fan, fan compartment, flue, heat exchanger and all the trunk lines and supply tubes with 190 psi of compressed air and 15,000 cfm commercial vacuum truck. They were punctual, informative, polite and thorough. They worked non-stop for approximately 3 hours. They kept us informed on the condition of the ducts and flue, such as how much dust/debris and soot buildup had accumulated. There is no street side basement window, so they carefully brought the huge hoses through the house to the basement without marking up the walls. We were very pleased with the work John and Jason did.

- Marianne M.

John & Jason bid excellent work. They were excellent! Please call me in three years to clean again!

- Roy S. - Oregon City

Company showed up as scheduled and performed the work as promised. John and Jason were professional, considerate of the residents and communicative about issues they identified as they performed the work--everything you would want in a service provider but rarely get! I was very pleased with them. Thank you for such a positive experience!!!

- Ed C.

I am very satisfied with Brian's job. He arrived on time. He was courteous and thorough. Prior to leaving, he made sure the carpeting and area around the vents were clean. When he finished the job he made a recommendation as to when the next service should occur.

- Harriet J.

They arrived promptly at 8:00 a.m. and finished approximately 5 hours later. This is a large house, three floors, and the vents hadn't been cleaned for some time. I couldn't have been more pleased with the service and information I was given. The guys were very professional, and a pleasure to have around. I would recommend them to anyone who needed their services.

- Rhea K.

I just wanted you to know you have a very courteous employee. Brian did a good job and was very courteous.

- Nancy B.

Brian was very nice. He was very respectful of the carpet and so conscientious of everything. It was a pleasure to have him. It is nice to come across people like him.

- Pamela B.

Brian is a very, very nice young man. He was personable and worked hard. He was so quiet, I didn’t even know he was here. You have a good worker.

- Mrs. B.

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my customer David B. in Hillsboro. He had nothing but good things to say about Brian. He raved about you. Thank you.

- Home Comfort Mechanical

Brian & Mary were good workers, it was my pleasure to have them, Thank you.

- Mrs. F.

John L. did a good job. He was very clean. Thank you.

- Julie K. Banks

Brian was the nicest guy, he was so polite and very clean. He did phenomenally well. Excellent, excellent job. I appreciate what he did for us today and I will certainly use you again.

- Carol B.

Brian was very informative and did a great job. My air smells so much cleaner now.

- Susan D.

They cleaned the air ducts in my house. It was very good. They were just fantastic the two young men were very polite and courteous. I tipped them 20 dollars each I liked the way they acted so much. I would refer them to anyone.

- Susie E.

Brian did a terrific job! I was having some problems in my home, and he took the time to answer all of my questions. I told him the excellent reviews on Angie's List convinced me to call them, and now I can understand all the positive comments about this company. I will definitely call them in the future!

- Chris D.

Cleaned air ducts in a very old 1910 home which we just purchased and it had been neglected for many years. The service was fantastic, thorough and he went two hours over what he anticipated and did not charge more than the estimate. Great guy with great experience. The entire process went great. He was educational about our furnace and the nature of our duct system. I got more than my money's worth. Thorough and experienced and very nice. Great company.

- Jane G.

Cleaned all the vents and ducts. Checked the furnace (oil), but did not need to be cleaned as it was installed last year. Polite, through and answered questions easily. I got exactly what I paid for Punctual and hard working.

- Mazana B.

Brian did a very good job! He was very professional! Thanks!

- Carl W. - Portland, OR

Just wanted to say thank you for your help with our duct system! The man who answered the phone and scheduled us was very kind and helpful. Brian was also great when he came to do the work. Also, the woman who helped with our follow-up was efficient and friendly. Thank you for the great work and good experience!

- Cindy, Neal, & Evan K. - Portland

We had the flue pipe from the furnace to the chimney power vacuumed, and the firebox cleaned. Contacted Power Vac and they were very helpful, courteous, and considerate. They gave me a quick appointment and were on time. The job was done professionally and thoroughly done and they did not leave any mess. There was a sleeping toddler and they were very considerate and quiet while working.

- Martha L.

Air Duct Cleaning for my 3+ story (80 yr old) house. They did a great job and the cost was less than the phone estimate, plus they included an additional $50 coupon.

- Jeff W.

I just wanted to let you know that Matt did an excellent job on Saturday. I am really impressed with his knowledge & professionalism!

- Joyce D. - Portland, OR

They cleaned out all of the vents, which took about four and a half hours. The experience, overall, was good. They described what they were doing and I watched what they were doing. They drilled a couple of small holes in some air ducts so they could get in and clean those and then plugged the holes afterwards. Overall, I was happy with the service and it was exactly what I expected.

- Kathy B.

The dryer wasn't drying properly so the company cleaned the vent from outside and inside, and re-aligned the hose for better air flow. Member Comments: This company has been to my home before. They are very professional, and do exactly what they say they will do.

- Chris D.

Performed Air Duct Cleaning, would hire again.

- James C.

I really appreciate the way you handle my customers. I always get good feedback from my customers about you, thanks.

- Robert - Home Comfort

You did an awesome job, I am very pleased. You exceeded my expectations. I really appreciate that because my reputation is on the line when I refer you out and it was really nice to get a follow up call from the referral to tell me everything went great. Thanks again, and I will continue to refer you every time!

- Chad

Matt H. was a stellar worker. I am a building contractor and will be referring you based on his performance alone! He was very careful and did an outstanding job! Thanks.

- Tim C. - Building Contractor - Portland, OR

Just wanted to let you know Matt & Jason were great! They were considerate of my home, explained what they were going to do, did their work, then left my home as they found it! I’d recommend Power Vac to anyone who asks and will recommend you to my family and friends, Thank You.

- Syniae Z. - Portland, OR

They came out and did the duct work. I was very happy with them. They were very thorough. They were very nice, professional and did a very god job.

- Marie B.

This letter is to commend your duct cleaning service at CMI on Sept. 7th. Your employees were courteous, efficient, and experienced and we do appreciate their being available to work on a holiday. When our employees returned the next day, they immediately noticed clean/clear screens and felt confident that the air was purified. Thank you for your service. We will definitely keep your name in our files for recommendations or any future work at CMI.

- Jackie McClung, Operations Manager, CMI Steven Brown, PhD Director - CMI Wilsonville, OR

I just wanted to let you know that Matt did an excellent job on Saturday. I am really impressed with his knowledge and professionalism!

- Joyce C. - Portland, OR

Matt, the person who did the work, arrived early - which was fine with me. He walked me through the entire process before he began any work. He indicated that it would take about 3 hours total and the work was completed in that time frame. Matt wore shoe covers in my house and took extra care to make sure that the hardwood floors did not get scratched. He used tarps to cover the floor and carpet as he was cleaning each individual duct and cold air return. All of the debris that fell onto the carpet and not caught in the tarp was cleaned up. Matt did an excellent job!!

- Sally L.

Dave had cleaned out our ducts 4 years ago, and I was pleased that he was available to work through Power Vac. He was right on time and very courteous in terms of wanting to keep everything clean around him as he worked since my housekeeper was there at the same time cleaning the floors. I was very appreciative of his honesty in his assessments of the air ducts. He was available to come out the same week that I called.

- May W.

They did an excellent job. They were prompt, professional, and cleaned up well when the job was completed.

- Maria M.

When calling to set up appointment and Angie List was mentioned the receptionist automatically gave me the coupon discount. Estimate info provided on phone turned out to be exactly how bill was calculated. Arrival at house was timely. Worker was very friendly and professional. Everything cleaned up. Air quality appears to be improved and residents report a reduction in allergy symptoms. Service perfectly matched expectations.

- John R.

We used Power Vac. We had had rodents get into the air ducts in our crawlspace and one had actually died in it. They helped clean that all and clean the whole air duct system. We had tried finding a few other places to help us with this problem including another air duct company, but both air duct companies would just go in and kind of vacuum everything out lightly. In fact, we had another company that came in and did vacuum everything but left the dead rat there. Power Vac knew exactly what to do. They actually crawled in to the crawlspace and cleaned out everything down there. They knew how to solve the problem. They did not charge as much as other places said they would charge.

- Adam K.

We used Power Vac for air duct cleaning and heating and air conditioning work. They were very good. We are very happy with them.

- Michael M.

I just wanted to thank Matt (owner) for explaining the difference between what Power Vac does and what the cheap cleanings do. He explained everything thoroughly and I realized that the cheaper company had no license or insurance. Matt, the guy who came out to do the cleaning, was very thorough like the owner said he would be. Thank you to the both of them.

- Cassandra C. - Portland

We have lived in our house (built in 1980) since 1991 and have never had the ducts cleaned. I cleaned the supply ducts with a shop-vac as far as I could reach but did not hire a professional until now. Our furnace and central A/C is fairly new. I chose Power Vac LLC from the List based on positive feedback and the Angie’s List discount. The technician arrived as scheduled and explained the procedure. The large vacuum unit is about the size of a refrigerator and it had the previous cleaning's filters in it. He showed me that he installs brand new filters for each job and showed the 3 layers of filtering. He connected the vacuum to the furnace supply duct and worked from the furthest floor duct back to the furnace. Then he connected to the return air duct and did the ceiling ducts. He worked quickly and thoroughly and answered my questions. When he was done he showed me the unbelievable amount of dirt that was in the duct system even though I religiously change the filter twice a year. I would highly recommend getting your ducts cleaned by this company.

- Milt J. - Beaverton

I was pleased with the work overall. They were late, but called before the scheduled time to let me know they were stuck in traffic. Everything else went as planned. The workers were friendly, yet on task. They explained the process before they started and provided an accurate quote. They also estimated the time it would take to complete the job, which was right on. They cleaned up before leaving.

- Melanie E. - Beaverton

We were able to schedule the job within 3 days of initial call. Technicians arrived on time and worked on the job for approximately 3 hours. They were professional and courteous and left all areas clean. They even vacuumed leaves out of our garage!

- Robert P. - Portland

They gave me a 10% discount. Two guys came out. I spent $478 on the job. They were very good. They cleaned all the air ducts. They vacuumed through my garage. They got everything cleaned up. They went to each of the duct and vacuumed everything out. They were very thorough and they didn’t interrupt the flow of my life. They cleaned up well and they came out right on time. They stayed through the work and they spent about four hours. They stuck to the estimate. I was very happy. I would recommend them. I didn’t have any complaints with them. They were great. I will use them again in the future.

- Clyde T. - West Linn

I called Power Vac on a Friday and was able to get scheduled for the following Tuesday between noon and 1pm. I asked for a call 30 minutes prior to arrival. At 11:45, I received the requested call and the 2-man crew arrived about 40 minutes later. Dave and Casey introduced themselves and presented their card prior to coming in. They asked where the ducts were located and went right to work. Long (and boring) story short, they were here for 4 hours and went above and beyond on this job. While I was only charged for the actual duct cleaning (-$50 for the Angie's List coupon), they thoroughly cleaned our HVAC unit, blew it out, pointed out some standing water, cleaned out the drain tube and assisted with the removal of ineffectively wet insulation on the floor of the unit. They also sprayed a disinfectant to stop any bacteria from developing inside of it. They stayed for the burn-in (fire up the heat and burn the dust off the heat exchange) of the unit to make sure that everything was working properly before they left. They were both very friendly and professional and offered up many helpful tips going forward should anything unexpected happen. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or rehire this service in the future.

- Robb W. - Portland

Excellent. Did all they said they would do and also identified and corrected a furnace filter problem.

- John G. - Aloha

Matt & Jason did an excellent job. They were friendly, courteous and professional. You have some great employees there.

- Jack W. - Portland

The crews were very professional. They called me to let me know they were running 10 minutes late and then they were very patient when I couldn't get them into the house for about 15 minutes because of no keys. They worked quickly and did a great job

- Eduardo C. - Vancouver

Just had these guys come out and do a complete air duct cleaning of our house yesterday. In brief: They were able to schedule an appointment 3 days after I called them. They showed up right when they said they would. They did far more than expected without jacking up the price at all. They did excellent work. Since this is something that every home should have done every 3+ years, there is no reason not to give these guys a call. They were punctual, professional and thorough. Do not hesitate to give these folks your business!

- Robb W. - Portland